We are a  small family owned Rose Nursery located in south Douglas County Oregon.

Our goal is to Hybridize and grow, without the use of toxic chemicals, and offer for sale, naturally grown, hopefully scented own root, easy to care for, disease resistant  Roses.

We do not spray the roses in our garden,  if they do get rose diseases or pests there are many natural and organic sprays that can be used to help your roses thrive and look their best.

We are now open for visitors by appointment only, please call us at (541) 733-5871 or (541) 680-6363
Miniature and Miniflora roses make lovely bouquets for the table.
they are ideal for growning in containers on patios and along walkways, with their beautiful display of color from spring untill late fall.
charming arrangements for special occasions like wedding and Baby shower.

Many of them do quite well in hanging baskets due to their small size and relaxed grouth.
Miniature and miniflora roses can be shown at ARS rose shows,garden clubs and County fairs.

an arrangement of dried miniature roses can be enjoyed all year long.

we do not use  toxic chemicals on our roses, the hips, which are high in vitimin C, and petals are safe to eat.

our roses are started from plant cuttings and grown on their own root, with proper care they will grow and bloom for many years.
Rose starts are well rooted and ready to be potted or planted in the ground when you get them. late spring or early fall is the best time for planting in most locations. however potted roses can be planted almost any time of year in some areas.  


Below are some of the ways that Miniature and miniflora roses can be used and enjoyed.
Our natural pest control.
               Burns   Roses
Floribunda Roses are Continually blooming and bear flowers in large clusters ,many are  strongly fragrant. the plants generally reach 2.5' to 3' feet in height and work well for hedges, landscape and along walkways, great for long lasting garden display, are hardy,  disease resistant, and hold up well in wet weather. 
​They are  easy to care for and good rose for use in no spray gardens.
Shrub Roses are  good landscape roses. they grow from 2 feet to around 15 feet tall and have a sprawling habit.  they have many bloom styles and some are very fragrant. they are vigorous growers and produce  many clusters of flowers. some do best on a regular spray program in certain areas due to black spot.   
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